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4 Podcasts to Love

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

These days I have my hands full with a baby who has just started to crawl (please send help), so podcasts have been my lifeline to stay sane and keep my mind active before returning to work full-time. Here are 4 of my most recently listened to and if you have any suggestions fore me to check out, let me know!

History of the 90s

The 90s is having a big moment right now culturally – in fashion (hello low-rise jeans!), in media hits like Pam & Tommy and in beauty. Sometimes the best way to see where things are going is to look back and see how they happened. This podcast offers an exceptional look into all facets of the 90s – from the Beanie Baby craze (guilty of participating) to The Simpsons and Ska music.

No Stupid Questions

I’ve been a fan of Stephen Dubner since Freakonomics first came out, and when I heard he partnered with author of ‘Grit,’ Angela Duckworth, I knew I had check this podcast out. They made this as a platform to ask each other “Stupid Questions” and the result couldn’t be more interesting. Three episodes that are favorites so far include:

1) What’s So Great About Retirement?

2) Which Is More Powerful: Reward or Punishment?

3) Why Is It So Hard to Talk About Money?

Switched on Pop

Learn about why the end of 2021 was full of broken-hearted music from the likes of Taylor Swift, Adele and Kacey Musgraves and deep-dive into what makes classic hits like so catchy and timeless. There is even an episode on the “Scandalous Sounds of Bridgerton,” which I highly recommend. If you want to learn about the meaning behind popular music, this is a must-listen.

Vox Conversations

Vox has plenty of worthwhile podcasts (they’re really killing it in this medium), but this particular one features all sorts of intriguing experts who “discuss the way we think about the world and our role in it.” New episodes air every Monday and Thursday and a few of my recent favorites are:

1) The good life is painful

2) The death of cool

3) Why America’s obsession with rights is wrong


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